Seniors 35+ and 45+

 NFC 35+ & 45+ is recruiting!

NFC has 35+ & 45+ teams that are currently looking for new players. Both teams are international selections, with some of the classiest has-been and could-have-beens you can find in Amsterdam.

We're a friendly group off the field, but some of the old competitiveness still sneaks out when we strap on the boots and step onto the field - we all still love the beautiful game. We play 7 against 7 on a half-sized field, with games or friendlies most weeks on friday in Autumn and Spring, usually followed by a quiet beer afterwards.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, or even if you just want a good excuse to get out of the house one night each week, please contact the team leaders:

45+, Justin Sherrard, or Steven Huyton,

35+, Jacques d'Arrigo,